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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thanks a Bunch!

Happy Belated Independence Day!
I hope that everyone had as wonderful of a time as we did. Doug (my DH) and I were invited by a friend of his to come to the coast for the holiday.  Even though I require some unconventional accomodations we found that we were excited to accept the invitations.  The trip over was slow and easy, or rather as easy as an extended trip can be for me.
We stopped at the Moreno Valley Wally World to buy the Charlaine Harris Book Dead Until Dawn.  My Mom started me on the series, but left out the first book, so we scoured 3 WM's until we found it.  Then, we stopped at the Careml Mountain Chevy's and ate some of the BEST Mexican food that we have had in ages.  They made the guacamole at our table, and the tortillas on a machine just behind our table, within full view of the restaurant, so we knew that the tortillas were hot and freshly made.  YUMMY!!
Then, the real reason for our trip, hanging out with friends, and celebrating the Fourth of July.  We made it up onto the roof of the building, and watched fireworks from ALL over the San Diego area.   There had to have been at least 9 different fireworks displays that we were able to see.  I got pictures from three of them, but the best came from Sea World.
Our trip home was long and hard due to some construction, but I must say, it was worth it.  We went to hang out with a friend of Doug's and left having spent time with great friends to both of us!  What an added surprise.  Anyway, the trip was soo wonderful, I had to make a Thank You card.
I used two Popcorn the Bear stamp sets, the main image from the Smile set, and the sentiment from the Thanks A Bunch set.  The card was embellished with glitter, and Popcorn has Fun Fur added to his edged to make him fuzzy.  Finally, a ribbon was added beside the sentiment.
I hope that Mike and Mimi, or friends, enjoy their card as much as I enjoyed their company and appreciated their simple invitation.  Thanks a Bunch, guys!