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Friday, January 14, 2011

Amazing Mail Day - Thank you, Lucy!

Just checkin' in to say what an amazing mail day I had.  Today I received my first ever suprprise RAK (Random Act of Kindness).  What fun it was to find something special just for me as I dug through the pile of junk mail.  A friend of mine, Lucy T.,  from ARTHaven Creations and Friendship (Yahoo Group) knew that I was having a hard time facing the 2 year anniversary of "the fall", and she sent a beautiful handmade photo card to cheer me up.   And cheer me up she did.  I wanted to acknowledge the amazing gift that Lucy bestowed upon me as soon as I could (which is why there is no photo of the card included).  When I send out the thank you card for this kindness, I will also be "paying it forward" and sending a RAK out to someone that I think could use a reason to smile.  If you receive the RAK from me, will you pay it forward?
Thank you, again, Lucy!

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Terry Oulboub said...

Hi Andrea and congratulations! You are number 300 at Tellen's Place and we are so excited! You're also south of me - hooray! Plus, Marine Corps...it just keeps getting better! Come by and see what you won!