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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baubles, beads and hospital beds

Fourteen and a half months ago while my husband and I were walking across a parking lot, I fell.  Never in a million years would I have dreamed how drastically that moment in time would change my life.  One minute I was an indepenent woman who had life by the horns.  The next minute, I was on my knees, wondering what in the world had happened. 

Long story short, what had happened was I had traded in my independence for 24 hour pain that the doctors have not been able to get under control.  Most of the time now, I am on heavy pain medication, laying in a hospital bed that has been unceremonioulsy plunked in the center of my living room.  All of my crafting supplies are enticingly close.  My specialty tools sit mere breaths away.

The difficulty is, there is disgustingly little that one can do while hanging out in a hospital bed.  Hence my latest ARTistic passion.  You got it!  Baubles and Beads!

So far, I have mainly created with seed beads.  The earrings are taken from a pattern in Beadwork's 41 Favorite Jewelry Designs.  They are the Serengeti Earrings designed by Phyllis Dintenfass.  Needless to say, I probably need to practice a bit to get the same tension that Ms. Dintenfass has in her earrings, but I like the way that mine turned out anyways. 

Another experiment of mine was the square-stitched choker that I made.  It is in one of my DD's favorite colors - lavender.  I believe I used sizes 6 and 10 seed beads.

After a trip to San Diego for doctor's appointments, my DH and I stumbled upon a bead company's "yard sale".  All of the bead strands were 75% off.  But, The best buy of the day was the loose beads that were bagged off the bottom of the bins!  The entire bag of hand-picked beads cost $2.00.  What an incredibly patient DH I have to sit and pick through bin after bin, finding loose beads for me!

I had intended to post some pictures with this entry, however, Blogger is not allowing my to upload them into the system.  I promise you that I will keep an eye on this and get the pictures added as soon as possible.
I hope that your St. Patrick's Day was full o' fun! As promised, you should now see the pics of my ART as well as my amazing find!  I hope to be back and post more later.  Til then!


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Anonymous said...

Oh Andrea...your jewelery is GORGEOUS ma'am!!!!! You definately have a gift creating these treasures!!!!!